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Plank & Hide is a luxury brand in the home furnishings marketplace, offering uniquely authentic outdoor casual/ patio furniture, pool tables, and shuffleboards. Plank & Hide has harnessed considerable assets to build and market a wide variety of decor solutions, rich in unique design and craftsmanship.

Sima 812

Plank & Hide outdoor casual furniture is designed and manufactured to offer years of comfort while making a style statement for your home.

Our proprietary composite substrate looks and feels just like wood or stone, even up close, but unlike wood and stone, SIMA 812 requires minimal maintenance and has greater resilience to the varying climates of any region.

All SIMA 812 outdoor products are eco-friendly, feature a naturally lower carbon footprint, and are fire, water, mold, fungus, and corrosion resistant.

Fire Resistant: Out materials have international A1 Fireproof certification. They are fire resistant to over 3 hours at temperatures of over 1300 degrees.

Eco-Friendly: 100% free of formaldehyde, asbestos and benzene. Our fabrication process uses sustainable materials in a low-carbon, low emissions process.

Water Resistant: Our materials provide excellent water resistance. Extensive exposure to water and moisture will not disintegrate, deform or decay out products.

Mold & Corrosion Resistant: Sima 812 is mold proof, moth-proof, termite-proof, and corrosion resistant, which are non-nutrient to mold or fungus and do not support insect life.


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